How We Started


Summer of 1997 

17-year-old Joe Relf gets his start at the local blacktop company (Quality Asphalt) not knowing at the time that this job would shape his life.

There Joe meets and works with paving experts like Lenny Triebold in Roberts, Wisconsin.

Learning the trade, operating equipment and driving big trucks, Joe found his first love.

He was good at it and it seemed to come naturally.

Wrapping up his teenage years, growing up and moving to the Twin Cities leads him to the next chapter – working for Tommy Stanton at Ace Blacktop in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota.

Starting as a paver operator, paving driveways, parking lots and streets, it was a whole new level - 

combining  the small-town quality he had learned along with big paving knowledge. 

This would form Joe and his current crew for the future.

Joe soaked up knowledge all along the way from his mentor Tommy.  On rainy days Joe would ride with Tommy learning the business from dealing with people, doing warranty work, estimating jobs and loving it all.  

Joe planned to work there forever.  At age 25, Joe was already the crew foreman and physically paving every job.

2007 Joe was invited into the business as a partner.  He was 27 years old, running strong and planning to take over this operation with his partners.  But a few short years go by and Tommy was forced to retire due to family health, the company suffers and closes up shop.

Heart broken and back to zero, Joe is determined to start over. It’s winter of 2011Sitting on the couch with his girlfriend Andrea (now  his wife) Joe says:

“I'm going to start a blacktop company”. 

With a truck, shovel, lots of enthusiasm but not much money Joe goes to work.  Sustained by his past relationships, knowledge and lots of ambition he goes after it hard - assembling his team and equipment - knowing exactly what he needs.


The next 3 years are very tough, but he will fall over before he gives up.  This propels him to work long days, do sales at nights and weekends, scheduling, taking every call and installing every job.


He's a busy guy looking to succeed.

Fast forward 12 yrs to 2023 Joe has a lot more help these days, a great experienced crew and wife Andrea by his side - relieving him of all office work.  

Joe still grades and paves every job, meets every customer and schedules all work.  Joe has literally spent his entire career in the field.  This naturally gives Blacktop Pro’s an edge and allows them to install up to 5 jobs on any given day. 

These guys make it look easy!  Our average employee has 20+ years of experience.  Our state-of- the-art equipment makes your job look great. 

Joe says :

“This is easy because I love it”!

Joe still schedules and installs every job.

Our equipment and product says it all!