Blacktop Pro's MN

Blacktop Pro's has a reputation for satisfying customers - from large to small scale projects.

We have built our reputation on providing the best service - fast and efficient through the entire project.


  • Residential Driveways

  • Commercial Parking Lots

  • Alleys

  • Overlays

  • Private Drive

  • Repair Work / Patch

  • Municipal Work

  • Handicap (Ramps / Paths)

  • Sidewalk

  • New Construction Projects

  • Paths

  • Ramp / Loading Dock

  • Parking Pad

  • Asphalt Curbs

  • Custom Work

  • Milling

  • Drainage Correction

Serving the Entire Twin Cities


Our mission is to be known as one of the first choices in the twin cities metro area for superior craftsmanship and products when it comes to blacktop installation!

We are focused on building and maintaining relationships with customers/contractors, answering their questions and solving their current or potential issues.


We specialize in driveway paving and hold ourselves to the highest standards in the industry.

We can't be beat in quality and detail!

Watch us work...

Here’s what our warranty covers:

  • Driveway Failure – For up to 5 years, the warranty covers any type of breakup of the driveway due to an asphalt mix defect.

  • Workmanship – Our warranty covers any type of workmanship issues, such as asphalt thickness issues and improper compaction or seaming of the asphalt installation.

  • Drainage – If there is any standing water on the driveway more than the thickness of a quarter where there is a slope of 2% or greater, the problem area will be replaced.

Our warranty does not cover settling caused by work done by others or due to inadequate compaction on new construction of the home. It also does not cover settling due to driveways built on fill, underground pipes, utility trenches, or settling of material beneath the base installed by us.

Heaving caused by ground freezing in winter is also not covered. Normally, this will correct itself in the springtime. Our limited warranty does not cover cracking of the driveway, since cracking may develop in any driveway for many reasons. There are also other limitations in warranty coverage.